Advanced Neck and Shoulders – Level 1

Advanced Neck and Shoulders

Restoring and Treating Complicated Neck Issues: LEVEL 1

12 Hours CE Credit

February 19th & 20th, 2018
Monday: 10 am – 5 pm
Tuesday: 10 am – 5 pm


Dave Ryder LMT, Breakthrough Mindset, and Mind-Body Integration Specialist
Kim Ryder Remedial Therapist, Breakthrough Mindset, and Mind-Body Integration Specialist

In this course, you will learn advanced MyOsteo, Orthopedic Medical Massage Techniques for the Neck and Shoulders. You won’t have to miss your weekend clients.

Come join us and learn how to:

  • Stop pain-spasm-pain cycles in their tracks
  • Neutralize imbalances
  • Quickly fix neck cricks
  • Discover the issues in the tissues
  • Create symmetry and balance
  • The secret to what causes restrictions
  • What neck pain represents emotionally
  • The source of vertebral misalignment
  • The right way to reset receptors
  • Treat the most typical and dysfunctional cervical conditions
  • Treat structural facet joint dysfunction
  • Treat stenosis and bone spurs
  • Release the only muscle that mimics group dysfunction in the upper cervicals
  • Address fibrosis on multiple levels
  • Treat the whole person not just the parts

What You’ll Learn:

Learn to work with the body and central nervous system to get a total release around the neck. So you can restore tight, restricted tissues back to their natural, normal resting lengths, this includes both muscles and fascia.

Why this is important:

You’ll have to tools and techniques to improve your client’s strength, range-of-motion, flexibility, and mobility, increased freedom of movement, freedom from pain, so they can get their life back. This class will improve the way you work so you can solve problems, be seen as an expert, and get more referrals.

$399  Hold your spot… sells out quickly

Training Location and Amenities

Training address:

Total Integrated Therapy
386 NW 3rd Ave
Canby, OR 97013

Air B&B

perfectly located directly across the street from the training location:

Contact info: Janie Malloy (503) 577-1373

Workshop Time:

10:00-5:00 pm (Sign in starts at 9:30 am on Monday) Please bring lotion, a pen, sheets, and a massage table. You should wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Contact information: or 503-862-9107 for more information