“Tapping For Kids”

Tapping For Kids

Tapping for kids

This little tapping book is a great solution to help kids overcome fear, anxiety and other stress-related problems. The best thing of all, children can learn to change the way they feel and release anxiety even at 4 yrs old. They just need the tools and means to do it for themselves.

I Can Change The Way I Feel, Tap away your troubles, is my response to parents often asking me, how can I help my kids get over their anxiety? The process I teach in my book will show parents how they can help their children in resolving what bothers them. Issues like stress, bad dreams, worries about school, illness, fears, anxiety and other childhood trauma’s can be identified and changed.

I wanted to make this subject more accessible to children because there is such a great need, so I decided to write this children’s book as a step by step guide to demonstrate this highly effective process, so that children can learn this easy tapping process to overcome, release and be free of these problems and no longer struggle with the difficulty they may be experiencing. This simple approach will give anyone using this tool a way to feel better right when they need it most.

Children will have a tool they can use independently for themselves that helps immediately. This book is a great educational resource for parents, teachers, psychologists, and practitioners who work with children.

I have had many parents and grandparents tell me how much they enjoy this book, the concepts and are using these with their children on a regular basis because it works so well.

I have had tremendous success working with children using this simple tapping process. It is so exciting to see them create happiness and freedom. Children have an amazing ability to let go of problems so easily and they really understand the process.

I also work with young adults with exam anxiety. One young student was convinced she would fail, but after working with me she got her confidence back and scored a 98% on her final exams that enabled her to get into the university of her choice. I have helped many people from all over the world to break free and release their anxiety and limiting beliefs that had been holding them back from success, love, and fulfillment! My promise is your freedom and personal empowerment.

My children’s book is now available on Amazon: Click the link here: I Can Change The Way I Feel

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As a bonus: I will send you free of charge a specially recorded version of the book with music, song and learn how to tap, making it a fun and enjoyable experience. All you need to do is send me a photo of you and the book along with your email and home address and I will send it straight to you.

Love and Light

Kim Ryder

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